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Membership appears in the membership section of the main page.

Membership 2023

Membership for the 2023 winter season is now opened, for new members and Seniors (Div 1-6) only.
For those who play Women’s and Masters during summer, we are working on linking those registrations. So please wait, we will update when we can.

Please ensure you read the below, to correctly select the right link for you, with instructions. As some things have slightly changed.

New Members ($175)

For new members to baseball, you will need to follow the below instructions.

Click the top option only:

Create account, or log into a previous account.
Ensure Qty 1 is only in the top one, and then continue through the rest of the process.

Returning Summer Senior Players ($125)
This is for players that play in summer in Divisions 1-6, as the BA/BQ components carry over.
Log into your existing account to register for winter baseball.

Click the Dual Membership Button. (Do not use your profile from last years SQWBL, or use the link for new membership above.)
Reason = New Season
To Club = Type in the box SQWBL and select
Choose category you wish to register with = Select the membership which corresponds to your current membership. (eg. SQWBL Seniors if your are registered as a Senior Player)

Check to make sure the Transfer Discount is there – this ensures you don’t pay the BA and BQ components again.
Click Request Dual Membership button and process payment for the SQWBL Season.